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    Zanzest beach bungalows is surrounded with indian ocean turqoise waters and white sandy beach stretching for miles.

    We are the last secluded South Eastern beach bungalows in Jambiani hence peace and tranquility is guaranteed upon your arrival.

    Forget about time, playing, snorkelling, and swimming are some of activities you can indulge in.

    Enjoy the view of the beach sandbank, our tropical gardens and legendary resident red colobus monkies from your bungalow veranda. Feast yourself with tastey fresh foods and juices from our Zanzibari kitchen.

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about us

Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris is a company which it aims to bridge the existence gape of Muslim, Hindus, Christian and other believers to understand and believe in one true God, LOVE as a solution to all our problems on the planet.

Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris we understand and believe that God is LOVE, and in order for us to be well blessed, wealthier and successful in our daily life, we must obtain LOVE knowledge in our mind and practice it physically in our daily life as this is the only commandments to all mankind,

creeds and denominations, Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris aim to reach all believers of all religions to be the masters of doing so by their own religious sects! Terrorism, war, sickness and deceases, divorces, corruptions, selfishness and all wrong doings in the governments, homes, institutions, are the fruits of lacking LOVE's knowledge with its practice.

Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris knows that, poverty, sickness and diseases are only bad spirits which will never been driven away by money, aids or providing doctors/soldiers to solve the problems, but only educating people about LOVING your neighbor the way you LOVE yourself' Then serious question arises (especially to religious people!!) who is my neighbor!? Can my fellow Muslim, fellow Hindus, or fellow Christian be my neighbor?? Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris knows that you know for sure the answer is NO! It's the obligation of Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris to elaborate LOVE to you personal and answer your shilly-shally questions concern.

Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris has a vision to make Zanzibar a 95% of Muslims society, a world centre for learning how to utilize LOVE in our daily life, to stay healthier and more affluent than the way people use to understand before!

Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris in near future to come, aim to send ambassadors/experts of LOVE knowledge to all those places in the world where there is war, feminine and diseases to make the victims lean how to overcome the worst for LOVING their enemies. It is not easy though, with flesh.

After been in tourism industry for more than 17 years, Jackson Mulele (Operations Manager) as a member in Wonderful Zanzibar Tours & Safaris 'team, shared this revelation of 'LOVE knowledge as a solution' to his colleagues Marianne Langseth (Marketing Manageress) Farid Yusuf (General Manager) Mike Zebedayo (Fleet Organizer) and all the staffs, together come up with one aim of making the world's people shared their 'Nations cakes' LOVE together, started with selling what they have in their hands, Safaris, adventures, tours and relaxations ! This is Wonderful Zanzibar Tours and Safaris which you should book something to make it happen.